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Monday, June 15, 2015

10 reasons why I love Jesus

1. Jesus is timeless. He was there before the world began (the Word), he is present now (his spirit) and he is forever (the exalted ascended Christ). He holds everything in the universe together, including the small detail of our lives. I love a Jesus who I am safe with, from the very beginning to the very end. 2. Jesus is inclusive of everyone. The world is Jesus’ parish, not just our small world, but also the entire world, with all its differing cultures, beliefs and colours. I wouldn’t want a saviour who favours any particular creed, culture or colour. I love a Jesus who really does love everyone. 3. Jesus has creation in mind. “All of creation is on tiptoe…” Jesus loves and redeems ALL of creation. It is too beautiful and soulful to be wasted. I love a Jesus who loves, respects and values everything he has made. 4. Jesus looks out for the least among us. We live in a world that promotes and idealizes the rich, talented and famous. Jesus promoted mr ordinary and ms average, giving preference to the unseen and unheard among us. I love a Jesus who sees the world this way. 5. Jesus forgives. Jesus sees it like it is, he names the wrong in us and around us, and then changes it for the better. Surely transforming forgiveness is what life is all about. I love a Jesus who can confront the brutal facts (he is not a sentimentalist), and still never loses faith in us. 6. Jesus doesn’t fit into any culture. Jesus is counter culture (any culture) and he questions and challenges the way things are done. He keeps you on your toes, constantly examining who you are and what values you hold. I love such an enquiring and searching Jesus. 7. Jesus can get by with a little. Jesus didn’t seem to mind his material lot in life, and he affirmed faith the size of a mustard seed. I love a Jesus who sees a little as a lot. 8. Jesus loves children. Is this not the best thing about Jesus? Children are precious and the greatest gift God has given us. I love a Jesus who puts children and their place in life right at the top of his priority list. 9. Jesus is fierce about justice. I often wonder how just is God? Much more than we think I believe! I love a Jesus who is fierce and undaunted in the pursuit of justice, no matter what the cost. 10. Jesus holds happiness and sadness together. Life is both happy and sad, painful and joyful; and there can be no real faith unless there is room for both. I love a Jesus who sees all the good, positive and happy things in life whilst at the same time bears suffering, sadness and pain in himself. This Jesus I can totally relate to.

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