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Monday, July 4, 2016

A while ago I preached on the blood of Jesus, more specifically, the power of the blood of Jesus. When Jesus laid down his life as an act of love toward us, his blood, which is his life, took away our sins. I preached how this spilling of blood is really the supreme divine act of love. Jesus blood is God’s love, the power behind the forgiveness and renewal of our lives. Today I focus on the bread. Jesus said take this cup and drink my blood, and take this bread and eat my body. If the spilling of his blood is all embracing love and forgiveness, then the breaking of his body is the giving of life. The giving of life! This notion of life is written in the prophets. Bethlehem, the birthplace of King David, preceding the birthplace of Jesus, means, “House of Bread”. No wonder Jesus called himself the ‘bread of life’, it is where he comes from, who he always was, and is, right down to his roots and origin. “If I am ‘in’ you,” Jesus says, “You will live.” Every time we take the bread of Holy Communion and we eat it, we are saying ‘I am alive’. In a very simple way, and, at the deepest level we are alive because He is alive in us. We ‘eat him’; he is the source of our life, springing up inside of us like a never-ending spring of life. No wonder Jesus also called himself the living water. Every time we come to the altar of Holy Communion and drink from the cup, and take the bread, we are saying these two things: o God’s love takes my sins away, and renews my life. o God is in me and I am alive inside.

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